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Join us and explore EMMANUEL, "God with us,"

a community of people devoted to Christ and to all of God's creation.

We are open to the uniqueness of each person's story and are about helping you discover your gifts and your calling. We seek to become compassionate servants of God, reaching out through service to heal and inspire Rockford and the world. We learn from our own Christian tradition as well as from other cultures and religions.

Exciting News!

 Emmanuel will offer In-Person services complying with State and County Covid-19 guidelines.

Starting July 11th, people who have not been 
vaccinated will be asked to continue masking.  
Services will also be on Zoom and posted to Facebook afterwards for those unable to attend in person. 
Sunday Services will be at
9a.m &10:30a.m. 

CHECK YOUR EMAIL each week for the Zoom link 

If you need to be added to the email list, contact Catherine at cathy.rennert@gmail.com or sign up for the newsletter below. 

Join us for ON BEING on WNIJ



Sundays at 9 am, is also hosted by

Emmanuel on Zoom. 

As we listen together, we follow the transcript and pause occasionally to reflect before returning to the show. 



9:00am - Traditional Worship (Chapel)  

10:30am - ReFresh Worship (Sanctuary) 

Breathe Meditation Service:

Second Saturday, 5:00pm (September - April)

All are welcome to come as you are to our worship services!


Join us for coffee and fellowship after each Sunday service.

Parking lot and entrance in rear of church off of Second Avenue by the Election Commission.

Spiritual Journeys

You may know of the author, from a Quaker background, writer, teacher, activist, theologian.
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Why Emmanuel?


Meeting in person beginning July 20, 2021


Reading the 2014 edition of Parker J. Palmer’s

“Healing the Heart of Democracy: The Courage to Create a Politics worthy of the Human Spirit.”  


Every Tuesday

 9:30am - 11am

All are welcome to join via zoom as well 

Contact Harlan Johnson at

harlan@actualizations.net to receive invite to join meeting

What's Coming Up at Emmanuel?