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Pastor Frank Langholf

Welcome to Emmanuel Lutheran Church’s presence on the web.  I am glad you have come to visit us here. Please wander through our website.  I hope you learn a little bit about who we are and what we do in Rockford and beyond.  I hope if you resonate with what you see here, or even find yourself curious, that you will join with us in one of our worship services, or  activities. You are welcome to explore “Emmanuel” in whatever way enriches your life. If you would like further conversation about Emmanuel or your own spiritual journey I would love to meet with you.

I marvel at the myriad ways that God shows up in people’s lives creating life and love. I have been called to invite people to know that they are the beloved of God, help them connect with the movement of the Divine within them, and to discern how they make a difference in the world. I find my greatest passion is working with both individuals and groups when they have an "aha" of who they are and what they are being called to do in the contexts in which they live. I enjoy working in interfaith and inter-spiritual settings. I believe that a faith community has two emphasis: nurturing people in their unique experience with the Divine, and working to realize the reign of God in the world by engaging in both care and advocacy for systemic change that leads for fullness of life for all.

I am energized to be a part of a community of faith in which people yearn to deepen into their relationship with God, have a passion for doing God's work in the world, where all people are welcomed and supported in their relationship with God, and where there is a sense of shared ministry with everyone free to use their gifts within the community and the congregation.

I am married to Kathy.  We have three children, nine grandchildren, and four great-grandchildren.  We have a dog, Roxi. I am an equestrian who competes in long-distance horseback riding, and we own a horse, Sierra. There are times when I feel fully alive as I ride through the words in harmony with Sierra. I am spiritual director, and a certified therapeutic horseback riding instructor.

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