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Why Emmanuel?

Emmanuel's message comes from a passion for searching and studying Christian scriptures, sacred writings, and wisdom from other traditions.


"The Grace of God has brought us together

  • to become Christs

  • to become the New Community

  • to be Light and Leaven for the World."


We are called to...


Study and Practice the Spirituality of Jesus


Live as a Safe and Healing Spiritual Community for all who come, regardless of socio-economic status, race, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, or spiritual path.


Become instruments of God's Grace by:


  • Promoting understanding and unity among religious traditions, encouraging healing of the soul and the community through Sacred Arts (chant, ritual, dance, poetry and creative writing, visual arts, music) and Spiritual practice.


  • Reaching the suffering ones among us through physical and mental health ministries,  food pantry, addiction recovery, refugee and sexual victim support, parish nursing, and holistic counseling.


  • Working for racial equity

  • Working toward the healing and protection of God's Sacred Creation.

Jesus came into the world with a message and life that was so different, so new, and so revolutionary that it changed everything. Our community embraces fresh and ancient ways that we trust will awaken and inspire you on your unique spiritual journey. Everyone is welcome, come as you are!

We emphasize inclusiveness, diversity, creativity, social action, and environmental stewardship.

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